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Our Host James Chau speaks with the the Director of Art Basel Hong Kong Angelle Siyang-Le
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James Chau

Joe, congratulations on your new role. But let's talk about that war today which is connected by poverty by conflict and by the human impact on the natural environment. Are these issues reflected in the work that you'll be showing this year at art? Basel?

Yes, absolutely. Every year, different issues different questions always been addressed through the work of art. That is the reason why we stage such a platform for people to exchange ideas. And this year, for example, in our encounters sector, Kitchen Gallery is bringing the Korean artists game home soak the works. It's a large-scale installation on the stage with mannequins, and the mannequins portrayed the image of laborers and really address the value of laborers in today's society. Another works brought to us by more projects from the discovery sector. And that particular installation talks about climate change in today's world. So yes, to answer your questions, we do have specific galleries Asking particular questions such as that.

James Chau

I remember going to the very first Art Basel this, I think, is the 10th edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, a milestone year in a breakout year for a city that was largely closed because of the pandemic. Why did you choose to stay in Hong Kong instead of moving elsewhere in the region in the world,

we are totally committed to Hong Kong. You know, 10 years ago, we moved to Hong Kong as our first flagship event in Asia, because of the benefits and the potentials that we see from the city. For example, Hong Kong is located in the heart of Asia. And it is the financial center with tax free status. And Hong Kong also has one of the largest our storage and logistics system. These benefits have really helped galleries, auction houses and us doing business in Asia, and set up our headquarters here. And also, the art community in Hong Kong has always been really supportive. We spent 10 years in the city, we really built a very in-depth relationship with the city. And the city has helped us to develop regionally and beyond.

James Chau

And Joe, you probably grew up in the UK, but you also partly grew up in China, given that quality and spread of artists, collectors, and institutions like museums in China. Do you think Art Basel will expand its presence across the border?

Absolutely. It's always been on our mind that, you know, our we are situated within Greater China. Obviously, because of the pandemic, we couldn't really do anything physically. In mainland China. However, even last year with the close border, we staged online tours for the institutions in Greater Bay Area. And this year, finally, we can bring these institutional leaders to the show. And moving forward, what we would like to engage the region will definitely be starting from the Greater Bay Area.

James Chau

That's very exciting. I can't say all 1.4 billion people will be excited about that. But pretty much most of those 1.4 billion people will be thank you so much. Good luck, and we can't wait to have you back.