Here at our CUSEF blog, we share news, updates and stories about China and the United States – the two world’s most significant nations. We wish you not only to have a glimpse of what’s going on between the two, but an in-depth knowledge of what brings them to where they stand today.

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What our alumni says: Bullet Train, Electronic Bus & Drive for Sustainable Growth
Koffi Apegnadjro, student of the Bronx Community College
Koffi Apegnadjro, student of the Bronx Community College
Koffi Apegnadjro from Bronx Community College: “Renewable and sustainable energy system technologies and products are needed to be developed in China and the developing parts of the world, utilizing current and future methodologies and technologies, motivates me to have a biochemical energy systems engineering study discipline. China has plans to eradicate the use of fossil fuel for energy by investing in the renewable energy technology system more than any county on earth. The lithium-ion battery technology is mostly use in their electronic vehicles but the efficiency of the battery needs to be improved.” Read More