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What Our Alumni Say: From Chinatown to China
Calvin Thach, 2016 CUSEF China Exchange Program student delegate
Calvin Thach, 2016 CUSEF China Exchange Program student delegate
Calvin Thach from Laney College, Peralta Community College District: “Throughout the trip, my fellow delegates and I also had the chance to meet so many remarkable people. Our hosts from the China-United States Exchange foundation provided us with great professors, campuses, and lectures. The local students graciously gave up their time and hosted events, games, and performances. Our tour guides made us laugh, made us smile, and most notably…made us miss the China experience. It felt surreal to attend school in China. This new environment made me more engaged in my learning. Back in the states, I would get bored of learning, because everything always felt the same. However, this simple twist in environment was enough to spark my curiosity. Everything was new. The campus, the lectures, the professors, and the experience. Sure…I had an itinerary to follow, but it did not prepare me for the new friendships, the new styles of teaching, or the new selections at the dining... Read More