Creating Relationships through Education

As the leaders of the next generation educate themselves on an increasingly interconnected and complex world, direct engagement and experience with other cultures is critical. Working with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, CUSEF is committed to providing immersive experiences for student leaders and those responsible with guiding them toward the future through engagement trips to China. These delegations comprised of students from a variety of universities explore the realities of China on the ground while also questioning Chinese government officials, private sector players, scholars, and other students about the key issues impacting the China-U.S. relationship.

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Georgetown University Students-Highlight

2017 - 2019

Students explore the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution
Students explore the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

In 2018, CUSEF organized the 2nd Georgetown University Students China Study Group. This program gathers a small delegation of graduate students with a focus in international affairs and provides them with the opportunities to interact with local Chinese citizens, scholars, professors, businessmen, and government officials. The students engage in robust discussions with High-level government offices such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office for International Military Cooperation of Central Military Commission, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Fudan University’s and Xiamen University’s scholars and students. Furthermore, the students explore multiple historical and cultural attractions in China, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Gulangyu Island, the Shanghai Bund and Pearl T.V. Tower. This experience encourages the participants to further develop their understanding and awareness of Chinese culture, history, and opportunities within China.