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The Exchange

The Exchange - September 03, 2021

  • China-U.S. Cooperation on Afghanistan | After a call between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, where they discussed how to address challenges in Afghanistan, commentators encouraged China and the U.S. to continue constructive dialogue on the future of Afghanistan. Additionally, they anticipate the two will need to work together to provide humanitarian and economic assistance to the country.
  • Will China Recognize the Taliban? | Experts predict that China will recognize the Taliban as the governing body of Afghanistan. In an attempt to quell violence in the country, Beijing will not only work with the Taliban, but press the U.S. to participate in non-hegemonic engagement to ensure the country's government functions appropriately.
  • Counterproductive Trade Policy and COVID-19 Origin Probe | A number of U.S. initiatives are a hindrance to the bilateral relationship; specifically the restrictive trade policy with China and the continuation of a COVID-19 origin probe. Observers are calling on the U.S. to stop these measures and strengthen China-U.S. ties.

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