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The Exchange

The Exchange - Sep 16, 2022

  • President Xi Visits Central Asia | Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin as he pays his first foreign visit since 2020 this week. While some observers thought that Russia's setbacks in Ukraine and China's economic slowdown would test the "no-limits" relationship between the two countries, others hailed their non-allied partnership that is based on mutual interests. During the trip to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Xi also held talks with the presidents of Central Asia countries and Mongolia. Experts say the visit shows Central Asia, a significant Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) area, is Beijing's strategic pivot at a time of tension with Taiwan.
  • U.S. Considers Sanctions Against China | The U.S. Commerce Department is planning to implement new restrictions next month on U.S. shipments of semiconductors to China. Washington is also considering sanctions against China in hopes of deterring an invasion of Taiwan. Taipei is encouraging the EU to do the same in hopes of applying extreme pressure on China. Some hope these sanctions will go beyond the current restrictions on trade and investment of technologies.
  • U.S. 2022 Primaries For Midterm Election Concludes | The primaries for U.S. 2022 midterm elections ended Tuesday. The results of the midterm elections — a new Congress — could shape the rest of President Joe Biden's presidency. Former Republican President Donald Trump's influence remains strong as 92% of the candidates he endorsed won their primaries. Even without his backing, candidates aligned with Trump have significantly better odds of winning than mainstream conservatives. The Democratic candidates have been dogged by strong inflation, despite Biden's moves to ease inflation and forgive student debt. Observers say since the Supreme Court struck down constitutional protections for abortion, more young people, especially women, are registering to vote, which may favor Democrats.

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