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The Exchange

The Exchange - October 22, 2021

  • Strategic Competition and Arms Race | The recent reports of a Chinese missile test have caused an uproar in Western media, although China responded the alleged projectile was a spacecraft instead. While U.S. experts disagree on how the U.S. government should respond, their Chinese counterparts caution against an arms race.
  • Future of Sino-American Relations | U.S. Ambassador to China nominee Nicholas Burns took a hard line on China in his confirmation hearing, a day after a U.S. Senate committee agreed on an anti-China bill on maritime laws. In response, several commentators revisit the prospects of U.S. foreign policy toward China.
  • Economic Woes and Foreign Investment | The collapse of China's major property developer and the country's electricity shortages are affecting both the domestic and global economy. Uncertain whether the Chinese market will recover, some analysts predict a Chinese 'doom'; however, others remain optimistic. Moreover, Western media faces scrutiny after falsely reporting on LinkedIn's business activities in China.

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