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The Exchange

The Exchange - November 18, 2022

  • Xi-Biden Meeting | President’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden met face-to-face this week at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia. The two leaders discussed restoring openness and communication between the U.S. and China in a meeting that China called “in-depth, candid and constructive.” While the meeting is seen as a positive step for the bilateral relationship, some experts warn that it will not have much of an impact on the current trade relationship.
  • International Summits in Southeast Asia | The G20 summit concluded with the adoption of the G20 Bali Leaders' Declaration, which reaffirms a commitment to work together to address global economic challenges. Chinese President Xi attended the summit and met with U.S. and other world leaders. Experts say Xi's meetings with many Western leaders are a significant step toward reducing disagreements. At the ASEAN summit that concluded in Cambodia last week, countries pledged greater regional cooperation to boost the post-pandemic recovery. Another regional summit, the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, will be held in Thailand from today to tomorrow.

  • Committed to Net-Zero | China reaffirmed at the COP27 UN climate summit last week that it is deeply committed to reaching its net-zero goals by 2060. This comes as the U.S. and China have decided to reignite climate talks after a several-month freeze after Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. The U.S. and China are not only the world’s largest economies, but the biggest source of fossil fuel emissions, and observers are hopeful their agreement will inspire other countries to take action as well.

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