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The Exchange

The Exchange - March 31, 2023

  • Boao Forum | The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, a China-led economic forum equivalent to Davos, has begun in Hainan with the theme "An Uncertain World: Solidarity and Cooperation for Development Amid Challenges." In the opening speech, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said China would “inject more certainty into the global economic recovery” and criticized protectionism and supply chain decoupling. About 2,000 representatives from more than 50 countries and regions attended the conference, including the leaders of Malaysia and Singapore.
  • TikTok Takes The Stand Before Congress | TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, appeared before U.S. Congress last week to address American lawmakers’ concerns that the app, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, is collecting user data. China has publicly announced its opposition to the United States’ attempts to force the sale of TikTok. Observers criticize the hearing as repressive and showing ignorance among participants. On the other hand, Chinese social media celebrate Shou Zi Chew as a "lonely hero."
  • Tsai Ing-wen’s Visit to California | China warned it will respond if U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen during her upcoming transit to California next week. The Chinese government considers such a meeting to be a provocation and an affront to its sovereignty, according to a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office.

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