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The Exchange

The Exchange - March 3, 2023

  • U.S. House Committees Hold China Hearings | The newly established House China Committee held its first hearing to discuss the potential threats posed by the Communist Party of China. Earlier that day, the House Financial Services Committee advanced several China-related sanctions legislation. Meanwhile, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held another hearing on China policy and advanced a bill giving President Biden the power to ban TikTok. Observers see the hearings and bills as signs of a rising hawkishness in the U.S. House.
  • U.S. Sanctions More Chinese Companies For Ties To Russia | The U.S. Department of Commerce imposed sanctions on five more Chinese companies, accusing them of links to “Russia’s defense-industrial sector and war effort.” Chinese Foreign Ministry protested, calling the sanctions “long-arm jurisdiction” and bullying.
  • Report of Covid Lab Leak in China | The U.S. Energy Department issued a statement suggesting that COVID-19 might have come from a laboratory leak in China. This statement was based on a classified intelligence report and made with "low confidence." In response, China rejected the report and accused the U.S. of politicizing efforts to trace the virus's origins.

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