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The Exchange

The Exchange - June 24, 2022

  • Xi Calls For Investment At International Events | Chinese President Xi virtually attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the BRICS conferences in the past week. At the events, the President touted China's economic resilience and potential for business and called for investment in the country. His remarks were made amidst the country’s slowing economic growth and skepticism about China's economic development under the strict COVID policy.
  • Biden And Xi Plan To Speak Soon | U.S. President Biden is still in the process of deciding whether or not to ease tariffs on China as he is preparing to meet with President Xi in the near future. Expert economists say the easing of tariffs would be good for the U.S. economy, but Biden would face backlash from unions who openly disapprove of this idea.
  • China Launches Its Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier | China's launch of its third and most advanced aircraft carrier, the Fujian, marks a milestone in the Chinese naval modernization. The new China-designed-and-built aircraft carrier is equipped with electromagnetic catapult system, which allows more warplanes to carry more fuel and munitions into battle. China is the second country after the U.S. to use this advanced technology. Some analysts see the new aircraft carrier as a demonstration of China’s military might to the world, while others consider the carrier as a sign of “China’s long-term ambitions to compete directly with the U.S.”

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