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The Exchange

The Exchange - July 29, 2022

  • Biden And Xi Hold Talks | House Speaker Pelosi's possible visit to Taiwan shadowed the video call between President Biden and Xi on Thursday. During the more-than-two-hour talks, Xi warned Washington against “playing with fire” over Taiwan, while Biden strongly opposed the change of the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. No concrete progress has been made, but both sides agreed to maintain communication. Observers see the call could affect whether the two leaders would meet in person later this year.
  • Pelosi Proposes Visit To Taiwan | Following the proposed trip to Taiwan by Pelosi, President Biden publicly stated the U.S. military opposed the decision. While Republicans are urging Pelosi to go through with the visit, China warned it will take “forceful measures” if the visit is carried out. Experts anticipate political repercussions but say it is unlikely to prompt military action by China.
  • China and Indonesia Increase Cooperation | Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited President Xi in Beijing this week in what was called a “win-win” for cooperation between China and Indonesia. The two leaders agreed to increase trade and cooperation in agriculture and food security. This meeting followed U.S. General Mark Milley’s trip to Indonesia earlier in the week, where he expressed concerns that China is becoming more aggressive in the region.

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