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The Exchange

The Exchange - January 21, 2022

  • China’s Economy Recovery | Despite the 8.1% annual economic growth and record-breaking exports last year, the challenges of China’s economy remain as the property sales slump and the cost of goods continues to rise. China still has a long way to go as a developing country, say, experts, who believe that the economic outlook for the world is beginning to “dim.”
  • U.S.-Russia Talk on Ukraine | U.S. and Russian foreign ministers are preparing to meet in Geneva this week in an effort to “fend off a new Russian attack on Ukraine.” The White House warns this attack could come at any time. Observers have criticized the U.S. for creating a blockade around Russia and its EU alliances, but experts in the U.S. say that EU countries continue to build ties with the U.S., fearing dependence on Russia.
  • Different Approaches to Omicron | Omicron outbreaks continue to spread throughout China, challenging its Zero-Covid policy, posing a threat to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, and threatening supply chain continuity. At the same time, the U.S. seems to be adopting a co-exist-with-COVID policy. It has announced a shortening of the quarantine period for infected people from 10 days to five, and hospitals are no longer required to report Covid-19 deaths.

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