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The Exchange

The Exchange - January 14, 2022

  • January 6th Anniversary of U.S. Capitol Insurrection | It has been one year since the January 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, where a violent mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in opposition to Joe Biden’s election. Experts argue the state of U.S. democracy is even more at risk today as we draw nearer to the Midterm elections and the eventual 2024 U.S. presidential election.
  • Economic Decoupling Continues | Research shows that “decoupling” between the U.S. and China persists as the two countries work to reduce their economic reliance on each other. Decoupling from China has bipartisan support among Americans, but experts warn of the negative impact on consumers and the larger U.S. economy.
  • China Holds Military Meeting with India | Leaders from India and China met on Wednesday for the 14th Senior Highest Military Commander Level (SHMCL) meeting to mitigate the standoff in Ladakh. Chinese experts have criticized comments from the U.S. government, who said they would stand by India in the face of Chinese intimidation.

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