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The Exchange

The Exchange - January 13, 2023

  • China Opens Its Borders | China has officially lifted travel restrictions on foreign travel to and from mainland China, and the first passengers to land under the measures arrived this weekend from Singapore and Toronto, Canada. With the newly reopened borders, Chinese citizens have been sharing their excitement about where they wish to travel to first and lining up outside of immigration to renew their passports. Observers say China’s reopening will benefit multinational companies and bring a return of talent to China.
  • China Appoints New Foreign Minister | China's new Foreign Minister Qin Gang has started his term with a weeklong trip to five African countries as part of China's effort to strengthen its traditional friendship with Africa. Qin also held phone conversations with Russian, Pakistani, and South Korean Foreign Ministers. Qin emphasized that China is ready to work with these countries to deepen their bilateral friendship and cooperation, and expressed concerns about recent temporary restrictions on arrivals from China by South Korea.
  • U.S. House Creates A Special Committee On China | The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly to establish a select committee focused on China's growing economic and strategic power. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman responded that the U.S. should look at China-U.S. relations objectively and rationally in the light of its own interests and the common interests of both countries. Observers note that the new committee has the support of both Democrats and Republicans, marking the China-U.S. issue that could bring all political parties together. Experts in China say the panel had strong ideological overtones and that China should be wary of further destructive actions.

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