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The Exchange

The Exchange - February 3 2023

  • USTR Names China on Notorious Market List | The United States Trade Representative's Office has published its 2022 Notorious Markets List. The report states that China leads the world in counterfeit and pirated products, with a large portion purchased through WeChat. However, the Chinese government has disputed the inclusion of e-commerce sites, such as Tencent and Alibaba, in the list. Critics in China say the report is biased and becoming a political tool for the U.S. to slander other countries.
  • U.S. Blocks Export Renewal for Huawei | The U.S. has started restricting access to American suppliers for China's Huawei by denying new licenses to U.S. companies that sell its crucial components. In response, Beijing accused Washington of seeking "technology hegemony" with Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Mao Ning accusing the U.S. of suppressing Chinese companies through broad national security measures.
  • Top U.S. Official Predicts Military Conflict with China | U.S. Air Force General Michael A. Minihan warned in a memo that the U.S. and China could engage in conflict in the next two years, citing the possibility of China taking military action during the upcoming 2024 U.S. and Taiwanese presidential elections. The Pentagon has emphasized that these views do not align with their official stance, but the comment prompted U.S. Representative Michael McCaul to state that the odds of conflict with China are “very high.”

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