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The Exchange

The Exchange - February 17 2023

  • Blinken to Meet with Wang Yi after Balloon Incident | The two top diplomats could meet this week at the Munich Security Conference, signaling a cooling down of the tension heightened by the recent balloon incident. The incident has resulted in the U.S. sanctioning six more Chinese companies, and China has vowed to retaliate. The U.S. said China had sent more such balloons across the world over the years. On the other hand, China claimed that American high-altitude balloons have flown over Chinese airspace 10 times in the last year without Beijing's permission. Both countries denied having surveillance balloons over each other's territory.
  • U.S. Supports Philippines in Chinese Laser Incident | The Philippines accused a Chinese coast guard ship of using a military-grade laser against their military vessel in the South China Sea, resulting in temporary blindness for some Philippine crew members. The Philippines considers this action a violation of their sovereignty, and the U.S. declared support for them in a press release on Monday. China's foreign ministry denies any violation of laws by their coast guard.
  • Xi Meets with Iranian President Raisi | President Xi Jinping met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Beijing this week to strengthen their cooperation. The leaders signed 20 cooperation agreements, ranging from trade to tourism, in addition to the 25-year strategy agreement to develop oil signed in 2021. Washington has made it clear that sanctions on Iran will continue so long as Iran continues to develop its nuclear program.

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