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U.S.-Sino Relations in the Arctic, 2017
What do China and the United States have in common in the Arctic? At first glance, commonalities may seem few and far between. The United States is an Arctic coastal state with rights and obligations under the Law of the Sea Treaty. China, on the other hand, is not an Arctic littoral nation, although it is interested in the international waters of the Central Arctic. The United States is a member of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum created in 1996 that seeks to enhance environmental protection and to pursue sustainable development in the Arctic; China has been a permanent observer to the Arctic Council since 2013. Both countries actively participate in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which has been actively engaged in the development of a mandatory Polar Code. Both China and the United States are physically impacted by climate change and are investing in greater scientific research in order to further understand the ongoing rapid transformation of the... Read More