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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | May 25, 2020


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  • Even a Bolder Biden Will Only Go So Far
    Peter Beinart
    | Professor of journalism at the City University of New York
    "The Biden campaign does have foreign-policy working groups, lots of them. They’re broken down into subcategories: defense, intelligence, the Middle East, and so forth. But the working groups don’t wield much power; one former Obama-administration official characterized them to me as 'window dressing'. And because the identities of the people chairing them are secret, they are harder to influence than the unity task forces established on domestic policy."
  • Beware the Costs of a Technology Trade War
    Daniel J. Ikenson
    & Huan Zhu | Cato Institute
    "Although we have been skeptical from the start that this is the right way to proceed with China, the die most definitely has been cast and the technology trade war is moving ahead at full speed. Of course, the U.S. government (many in the Trump administration and many in the Congress) has its reasons (some factual; some presumptive; some political) for this course of action. So, instead of rehashing concerns already raised, we offer the most relevant facts and assumptions culminating in the current policy, as well as the expected benefits and likely costs of that policy. Unfortunately, the list of likely costs is long."
  • China Has Two Paths to Global Domination
    Hal Brands
    & Jake Sullivan | Foreign Policy
    "If true superpower status is China’s desired destination, there are two roads it might take to try to get there. The first is the one American strategists have until now emphasized. This road runs through China’s home region, specifically the Western Pacific. It focuses on building regional primacy as a springboard to global power, and it looks quite familiar to the road the United States itself once traveled. The second road is very different because it seems to defy the historical laws of strategy and geopolitics. This approach focuses less on building a position of unassailable strength in the Western Pacific than on outflanking the U.S. alliance system and force presence in that region by developing China’s economic, diplomatic, and political influence on a global scale."
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