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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | May 19, 2020


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  • Retail Panic As President Trump Re-Ignites His China Crisis During Rose Garden Presser
    Rick Helfenbein
    | Forbes
    "For the fashion industry, made in China represents 40% of our apparel, 65% of our footwear, and 80% of our accessories. If the U.S. government really wants us to leave China, then we need a definitive action plan, as it takes three to five years to reposition a supply chain. Meanwhile, our domestic customers are returning to the stores and, if China is not going to be a long-term option, where are we going to go? Of course, at this point, someone usually says 'Make it in America' which is a great idea but made in USA amounts to about 3% of the marketplace, and the obstacles to grow that segment are, frankly, immense and unrealistic. While trying to appropriately source product, it has become extremely difficult for the fashion industry to react to the inconsistent trading whims generated by the Trump Administration."
  • Biden's Oblivion isn't a Defense; It's the Heart of the Problem
    Juliet Isselbacher
    | Harvard Political Review
    "I urge you to Google the videos and witness Biden’s farcical oblivion to the visible discomfort of the girls and women he is putting his hands on. I urge you to observe their suddenly rigid posture, their incredulously shifting eyes, their ultimate resolve to stiff stoicism. I urge you to marvel, for a moment, at the fact that Biden literally cannot feel their palpable unease. It’s not malicious; it’s oblivious. But it’s oblivious in a way that erases women’s sentience and erodes their personhood
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