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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | May 14, 2020


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  • We Are Living in a Failed State
    George Packer
    | The Atlantic
    "The fight to overcome the pandemic must also be a fight to recover the health of our country, and build it anew, or the hardship and grief we’re now enduring will never be redeemed. Under our current leadership, nothing will change. If 9/11 and 2008 wore out trust in the old political establishment, 2020 should kill off the idea that anti-politics is our salvation. But putting an end to this regime, so necessary and deserved, is only the beginning."
  • The Era of Offshoring U.S. Jobs Is Over
    Robert E. Lighthizer
    | U.S. trade representative
    "The era of reflexive offshoring is over, and with it the old overzealous emphasis on efficiency and the concomitant lack of concern for the jobs that were lost. After we have defeated this disease and reopened our economy, we cannot forget the hard lessons learned from this misguided experiment. Over the long run, the path to certainty and prosperity is the same for our companies as it is for our workers: Bring the jobs back to America."
  • The information component of Cold War II with China
    Joseph Bosco
    | former China country director for the secretary of Defense
    "It is clear that the Chinese people hunger for honest information and friendly communication with the American people, including U.S. officials when possible. The administration should enable Pottinger and other Mandarin speakers to do so on a regular basis. This would be a supplement to, not a substitute for, an expanded and invigorated effort by Radio Free Asia and Voice of America."
  • Think we have military primacy over China? Think again.
    David Ignatius
    | Washington Post
    "We should reflect on America’s vulnerability now, when the world is on lockdown and we have a chance to reassess. A new world will emerge after the global coronavirus pandemic, one in which China is clearly determined to challenge the United States as a global power. The propaganda wars over the origin of the novel virus that causes covid-19 are just a warm-up for the tests that are ahead."
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