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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | May 12, 2020


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  • The Folly of Trump's Blame-Beijing Coronavirus Strategy
    Evan Osnos | The New Yorker
    "The Administration could credibly have criticized China’s early mishandling of the virus, and its efforts to control international scrutiny of the virus’s origins. Instead, the White House seized on a blame-Beijing strategy to undermine China’s growing global power and shore up Trump’s bid for reelection."
  • What Does Washington Want From China?
    Christopher R. Hill
    | Foreign Affairs
    "American actions of late have a ring of righteousness, and certainly of rightful indignation. But where is this posture leading? What does Washington hope to gain from it? The United States’ often clumsy management of bilateral relations in East Asia (the Korean Peninsula comes to mind) suggests that its policy is designed to confer on China the status of a regional hegemon even while simultaneously trying to weaken it and reduce the scope of its global influence. This approach is inconsistent and the same will likely be true of its results."
  • China Is Defensive. The US Is Absent. Can the Rest of the World Fill the Void?
    Damien Cave
    & Isabella Kwai | The New York Times
    "Countries in Europe and Asia are forging new bonds on issues like public health and trade, planning for a future built on what they see as the pandemic’s biggest lessons: that the risks of China’s authoritarian government can no longer be denied, and that the United States cannot be relied on to lead when it’s struggling to keep people alive and working, and its foreign policy is increasingly 'America first'."
  • Why won't some Americans wear masks?
    Mitchell Blatt
    | China Daily
    "When I asked some people living and studying in the US why they thought Americans didn't wear masks, they said it was "cultural." There are some other factors, like racism and individualism. There has been a rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans, either because the victims were wearing masks or because they weren't!"
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