Here at our CUSEF blog, we share news, updates and stories about China and the United States – the two most important nations of the world. We provide more than a cursory glimpse of what’s going on between the two powers - here, we offer an in-depth look into their current state of affairs.

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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | May 11, 2020


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  • Stephen Roach, faculty member at Yale University and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia: Get ready for a campaign season full of China-Covid conspiracy theories 
    "A leaked 57-page "Corona Big Book" -- reportedly disseminated by the GOP's Senate-campaign arm, produced by a consulting firm, and obtained by Politico -- urges GOP candidates to bash China between now and November. It rests on three premises: that the novel coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, that the Chinese government covered up the outbreak and that the Trump administration would have acted forcefully had it only known the real "truth." The first claim is dubious; the next, ambiguous; and the third one, not credible."
  • China Daily's Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng: Outbreak exposes US economic flaws
    "It has long been clear that the US model is financially, environmentally, and-given skyrocketing inequality-socially unsustainable. But the coronavirus pandemic has shown that any disruption of the debt-consumption cycle threatens to trigger collapse almost immediately: as soon as incomes are interrupted, private financial institutions curtail credit fearing non-performing loans, while consumption plummets, depleting incomes further. To stave off disaster, the Fed and Treasury must step in, shifting credit risks to the public sector balance sheet."
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