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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | Jun 18, 2020


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  • Supply Chains and Interdependence: Is this Really a Problem that Needs Solving?
    Inu Manak
    & Logan Kolas | Cato Institute
    "Reshoring production is therefore an ill‐fitting policy prescription to our current challenges. Instead of pushing for policies that would further disrupt supply chains, the United States should prioritize an economic environment conducive to trade and investment. Protectionism is being offered as a cure for our misdiagnosed overreliance on other countries, and the implications of enacting policies that isolate the United States from the world will likely undercut our competitiveness at a time when we need as many options for kickstarting growth as possible."
  • One Trump Year May Equal Two Years of Another President
    Charlie Cook
    | Political Analyst
    "Americans tend to vote for change, no matter if the sitting president is particularly popular or not. I would make the case that what has contributed to the slippage that Trump has seen in recent weeks is related to his personality and behavior, his words and rather chaotic style of governing. Voters were willing to look beyond so long as the economy was good, but tolerance of his unconventional nature is reduced in the absence of a strong economy."
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