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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | Jun 1, 2020


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  • While America burns, Donald Trump is busy ‘fixing’ Hong Kong’s problems
    Yonden Lhatoo
    | South China Morning Post
    "So when Americans take to the streets in an eruption of rage against systemic racism that has afflicted their country since its founding, they are “rioters” who deserve to be shot dead? But when radicals in Hong Kong go on the rampage, hurling petrol bombs, destroying public property and lynching anyone who objects to their excesses in the name of democracy, they are mighty champions of freedom? The cognitive dissonance makes one’s head spin."
  • Nixon’s Chinese Translator Views Decoupling as Foolish
    Ambassador Chas Freeman
    | retired U.S. diplomat with service in China, Saudi Arabia & the Defense Department
    "Neither country wants a nuclear war or an escalation of conflict to the nuclear level, but each must recognize that, in the absence of better mutual understanding than we now have, both are possible, perhaps even probable. In short, how to manage conflict is something we need actively to discuss. Ignoring the possibility that we might fight each other increases the chances that we will end up doing so.
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