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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | Apr 28, 2020


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  • The Japan Times' Hal Brand: Modest multilateralism is in America's interest, and China’s too
    "Great-power rivalry will persist and intensify. Autocratic nationalism will continue to test the world order built by America and its democratic allies. International organizations will remain venues for rivalry as well as for cooperation. Pretending the coronavirus has somehow healed these “pre-existing conditions” in the international system would simply leave Washington and its friends vulnerable to more predatory actors."

  • CGTN's Adriel Kasonta: Asking China to pay for COVID-19 is like a spoiled kid crying foul
    "I think that China in the coming years will be perceived as an enemy, not as a partner. And it's very dangerous trajectory for all other countries which will have to choose between the United States and China, which was also delivered by the famous international theory realist, Mr. John Mearsheimer who said that because of the economic interaction between Europe and other countries with China, "jealous gods of the United States" will somehow try to punish them."

  • Victor K. Fung, Chairman of the Fung Group: The Trade Cure for the Global Economy
    "As we work to revitalize multilateralism, we must also reshape it in a way that recognizes and reflects the many dimensions of global interdependency. This means, first and foremost, ensuring open and sustainable global trade, which is a proven means of enabling all countries – large and small, rich and poor – to achieve economic growth and alleviate poverty. Trade also underpins global peace and stability, by giving everyone a stake in the same world system."
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