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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | Apr 27, 2020


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  • Yusof Ishak Institute's latest research - Beyond 2020: Indo-Pacific Strategy under a Democrat White House
    A Joe Biden administration will dispense with the ‘America First’ rhetoric and will adopt a more globalist or internationalist language. However, it will adopt a far more confrontational approach to China than the Barack Obama administration had done.

  • China Daily's Daryl Guppy: "The future of China's economic engagement"
    The Belt and Road Initiative has drifted from the headlines in Western media, but it remains a foundation alternative of the post-COVID-19 economic structure. The role of organizations, like the Silk Road Chambers of International Commerce and so on, is even more important in maintaining and improving business engagement in an environment free from isolationist and protectionist influences

  • Foreign Affairs' Laura Rosenberger: "Beijing Is Using New Methods to Spin the Pandemic to Its Advantage"
    Washington should seize the opportunity to coordinate with European allies, who are increasingly concerned about China’s play for influence. European Union High Representative Josep Borrell explicitly called out the way in which the “politics of generosity” is being weaponized for geopolitical purposes in a “struggle for influence.” French President Emmanuel Macron similarly urged Europeans not to be “intoxicated” with the narratives that China and Russia have pushed alongside their aid as a means of dividing Europeans internally. But while others in his administration have called out China’s disinformation efforts, U.S. President Donald Trump has excused them because “every country does it.”

  • Zhou Bo, honorary fellow with Centre of China-American Defence Relations: "Why the US and Europe need to draw closer to China and drop the hubris"
    European solidarity is crumbling in the face of the pandemic and a US-China trade war is meaningless given American dependence on China’s medical supplies. The West needs to see the world as it really is and embrace cooperation with China.
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