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CUSEF Opinion Tracker | Apr 23, 2020


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  • James Holmes, J. C. Wylie Chair of Maritime Strategy at the Naval War College: "How Donald Trump Should Make China Pay for Coronavirus"
    Apart from the obvious public-health measures—testing for infection at points of entry and exit, for instance—a post-pandemic strategy might unfold along three broad diplomatic, commercial, and military lines. Diplomacy, economics, and allies: these are America’s three warfares. Pursue them with zeal.
  • Bloomberg's Nisid Hajari: "Don't Worry (Yet) About China Taking Over the World"
    Washington’s national-security hawks have fixated on one: China, they warn, is exploiting the crisis to further its goal of replacing the U.S. as the globe’s preeminent leader. But what should be even more worrying than a China that’s aspiring to global leadership is a China that isn’t.
  • Foreign Affairs' Hal Brands: "Don’t Let Great Powers Carve Up the World"
    Today the world is fragmenting, and authoritarian challengers, led by China and Russia, are chipping away at American influence in East Asia, eastern Europe, and the Middle East. In its 2002 National Security Strategy, the George W. Bush administration envisioned the end of great-power rivalries. In 2020, the question is how great powers can navigate their rivalries without stumbling into war.
  • Donald Earl Collins, Lecturer of History at American University in Washington, DC: "America isn't just a failing state, it is a failed experiment"
    Is America really over? Yes, it will remain a superpower and a rich nation for the foreseeable future, but with so much of that power and wealth ever more consolidated into the hands of rich whites and the corporations. The coronavirus pandemic will not plunge the US into darkness. But this crisis is an omen, a truly horrifying sign that the US as both a stable nation-state and a symbol of freedom and goodness is a bald-faced lie.
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