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CUSEF Express - March 22, 2022

Daily highlights of developments that affect China and the U.S.
Daily highlights of developments that affect China and the U.S.

Plane carrying 132 people crashes in Southern China

  • A Boeing 737-800 operated by China Eastern Airlines crashed in China’s southeastern province Guangxi. There is no sign of survivors among 123 passengers and nine crew on the plane. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

U.S. sanctions Chinese for ‘repression’

Biden calls European leaders before NATO summit

  • U.S. President Joe Biden held a call with the government heads of France, German, Italy, and the UK on Monday to discuss the Ukraine crisis. The President will travel to Belgium to attend a NATO summit on Thursday and visit Poland on Friday.

  • Biden reiterated the warning of Russian cyberattacks in a statement (factsheet) and claimed that Russia was planning to use biological and chemical weapons in his speech before a quarterly CEO roundtable.

  • The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador John Sullivan on Monday and lodged a protest on Biden’s “war criminal” remarks on Russia, seeing the statements “unacceptable” and “put Russian-American relations on the verge of breaking.”

China sends more aid to Ukraine

  • China is sending an additional 10 million yuan of humanitarian aid to Ukraine on top of the earlier-promised assistance of 5 million yuan. The total amount is equal to more than $2.3 million.
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