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CUSEF Express - December 1, 2022


Sun Chunlan on COVID policy

  • “With the weakening of the pathogenicity of Omicron virus, the popularization of vaccination, and the accumulation of prevention and control experience, China is facing a new situation and new tasks in epidemic prevention and control,” Vice Premier Sun Chunlan said (Zh/En). Sun, who oversees China’s COVID policies, was speaking to health experts at a meeting at the National Health Commission yesterday.

China’s weak economic data persist, with rebound in sight

  • The woes in the home sector dragged on. Data (Zh) from China Real Estate Information Corp. (CRIC) showed that the home sales by the country’s top 100 developers were down 25.5% last month from a year ago. The decline rate was similar to those of October and September. CRIC expects the annual revenue of these companies in 2022 would be down more than 40% from 2021.

  • With a reopening in the first half of 2023 likely to eventuate, economists forecast an economic rebound in the second quarter of 2023. Some foresee (Zh) a 5% growth in GDP next year.

Raimondo: U.S. not seeking decoupling but facing hard competition

  • “It’s important that we get the bilateral economic relationship right, not just by protecting but also by actively promoting our economic interests in trade.” U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told reporters on Wednesday. “We are not seeking the decoupling from China.”

  • In a later speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Raimondo mentioned America’s strengths in universities, government funding for technology development, and strong allies. But "competing effectively with China isn't going to be easy. It's going to take hard work and it's going to take the work of everyone, not just the government," she said. Raimondo added that the U.S. would not allow China to use cutting-edge technology in its military capacity.

NATO discusses China dependence

  • NATO foreign ministers concluded their two-day meeting in Bucharest, Romania on Wednesday. The dependence on China was the theme of the gathering. The bloc’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the Ukraine war, which revealed the “dangerous dependence” on Russian gas, should lead NATO to assess their “dependencies on other authoritarian regimes, not least China, for our supply chains, technology, or infrastructure.” Although the group will keep engaging economically with China, it needs to reduce its vulnerabilities stemming from dependencies, he said. The meeting was four months after the 30-member military alliance issued its 2022 Strategy Concept, which highlighted “systemic challenges” from China.

U.S. House confirms democratic leadership

  • Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (NY), 52, will head the Democratic party in the next Congress, 20 years since his predecessor Nancy Pelosi (CA) took the post. Jeffries will be the first Black to become a party leader in Congress. Rep. Katherine Clark (MA) will replace Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD) to become the No.2 Democrat next year as the minority whip. Rep. Pete Aguilar (CA) will take the third-ranking post in the party, succeeding Rep. Jim Clyburn (S.C.).

China, Russia conduct joint patrol over western Pacific

Jiang Zemin passes away

  • Jiang Zemin, former Chinese President, died Wednesday due to multiple organ failure and leukemia. He was 96. A letter (Zh) by the central government said Jiang was “an outstanding leader enjoying high prestige acknowledged by the whole Party, the entire military and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, a great Marxist, a great proletarian revolutionary, statesman, military strategist and diplomat, a long-tested communist fighter, and an outstanding leader of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He was the core of the CPC's third generation of central collective leadership and the principal founder of the Theory of Three Represents.”

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