Bullet Train, Electronic Bus & Drive for Sustainable Growth


Koffi Apegnadjro was born, raised and educated through secondary level education in Togo West Africa, and is the third eldest of seven children. Koffi immigrated to the United States after having received a diversity visa, and is now a naturalized citizen by virtue of commitment to reserve enlistment in the United States armed forces. Koffi is currently majoring in chemistry at Bronx Community College.

Renewable and sustainable energy system technologies and products are needed to be developed in China and the developing parts of the world, utilizing current and future methodologies and technologies, motivates me to have a biochemical energy systems engineering study discipline. China has plans to eradicate the use of fossil fuel for energy by investing in the renewable energy technology system more than any county on earth. The lithium-ion battery technology is mostly use in their electronic vehicles but the efficiency of the battery needs to be improved.

Due to their high energy density, lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly established in modern society for personal electronic devices and as automotive energy sources. Lithium-ion battery cathode LiMn2O4 lithium insertion compound material manganese ions dissolve more readily than other ions and significantly contribute to graphite anode compromise.

As a chemical engineering sciences major, I have a particular interest in energy chemistry engineering sciences and technologies studies. The proposed research project that could be potentially beneficial to China, the United States and the world.

My perspective of the world has changed since my return from China. I have seen high level technology system I think it will take a generation for the United States to reach. For instance, the high speed train we took from Beijing to Hangzhou has not yet been developed in the USA and the fully electronic bus system introduce since 2012. In the year coming Chinese government has a plan to eradicate the poverty in the mostly southern province. The bilingual system in their early education make Chinese open to the world compare to us American who mostly speak only English. I will stay additional days in China if time permit because Chinese people love to have a foreigner especially American in their home. I ate the real Chinese food in my time in China and I think Chinese food in China is totally different from the one we are buying in the USA. I am planning to take Chinese class the spring semester and to study or conduct research in future. Chinese people are the humblest people in the world. They are not really focus on how much money they making but they mainly focus on family. Family is so important in Chinese culture.