May 18, 2014

Taiwan Arms Sales Research Project 2014

Following the release of: Threading the Needle: Proposals for U.S. and Chinese Actions on Arms Sales to Taiwan, the EastWest Institute (EWI) plans to translate and publish the report in simplified and traditional Chinese for dissemination in China and Taiwan and to other Chinese-speaking audiences. EWI will also continue to discuss and debate the report with policy groups in the United States, China, and Taiwan; through discreet briefings of officials; consultations with key think-tanks and academic institutions; and throughout EWI’s high level US-China dialogues.





Partner Organizations:

EastWest Institute

Program Overview Taiwan Arms Sales Research Project The Taiwan Arms Sales Research Project recommends ways for the United States and China to manage their differences over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Through research and track II diplomacy, the project seeks to break the cycle of disruption in the US-China relationship, especially the military-to-military relationship.