June 23, 2016

Center for American Progress Visit 2016

This year, CUSEF invited 12 delegates from CAP and other government officials to a three day visit to Beijing. The leader of the delegation, Mr. John Podesta is the founder of CAP, former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton and is now the Chairman of the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign. He brought with him other notable delegates such as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former US Special Envoy for Climate Change Mr. Todd Stern. This timely and intensive visit was particularly of great interest to China as the US general election began to take off.

The delegation meet with a number of Chinese leaders, including:  Mr. Zhang Gaoli (Executive Vice Premier of PRC), Mr. Xie Zhenhua (Deputy Chief of National Development and Reform Commission), Mr. Jin Liqun (President of AIIB), Admiral Sun Jianguo (Deputy Chief of the General Staff, PLA) and Madam Fu Ying (Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NPC). Apart from the meetings, CUSEF also hosted a Track II Round Table discussion for the delegation, where we invited many Chinese experts on various important issues to engage in dialogue with CAP.  Some of the topics discussed at the Round Table were reoccurring ones such as climate change and regional security issues but there were also new focuses that experts on both side intently explored such as Space Cooperation and the future of China- US relations post- presidential election. The purpose of the round table was to enhance dialogue and exchanges between Chinese and US thought leaders and scholars and was very well received on both sides.


Program Overview Center for American Progress Visit 2016 The Center for American Progress (CAP) is an independent non-partisan policy institute based in Washington DC. CUSEF has maintained a long and successful partnership with CAP since 2011. Our two organizations, along with the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS) have kicked off a series of joint research papers that focus on various important bilateral issues such as “New Model of Major Power Relations” and “Exploring Avenues for China – US Cooperation on the Middle East”. CUSEF also arranges an annual high level dialogue for the CAP delegation in China.
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