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What Our Alumni Say: Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes

Keara Jones, 2017 CUSEF Student Delegate
Keara Jones, 2017 CUSEF Student Delegate

I am honored to have been selected to represent Clark Atlanta University as a Global Ambassador for the China-US Global Exchange program. Words cannot express how in depth my gratitude and appreciation flows.

I have reflected and see so much growth within myself in such a short time at such a fast pace. My mind had been expanded globally. My life has been changed for the better. I have stepped over barriers and broken stereotypes, not only for myself but as a spokesperson for my dear friends in China. Being an African American woman in this world at this day of age, it is imperative to be educated and cultured. My perspective of China and life as a whole has shifted far beyond the expected expectation. I was too among the ignorant, a typical prejudice black and listening to the stereotypes of the people and even the ones the classrooms drilled into my head.

Within those two weeks, I learned that the culture and history of China far exceeds those of the United States - exceeds it so well, it's predicted that China will be the #1 country of foreign policy and investments in less than 20 years. Open your eyes and your mind, research for yourself and don't be corrupted by the misinterpretation the classrooms feed us.

God knew that I needed to participate in this program. He saw me fit to be one of the 20 students that will help spread the positive light of an amazing communist country as well as help bridge that gap between the China-US cultural exchanges. Blessed to have eaten so many foods, seen so many beautiful attractions, picked fresh fruit and real pearls - overall I've had a life changing time and I can't wait to visit again as well as see what the rest of the world holds.

Keara Jones is a student from Clark Atlanta Univerisity. She participated in the China Exchange Program sponsored by CUSEF in June 2017.

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