July 3, 2018

Georgetown University Students China Study Group Visit 2018

From June 3rd until June 12th 2018, CUSEF organized the 2nd Georgetown University Students China Study Group. It consists of twelve graduate students, a faculty member and visited three cities in China: Beijing, Xiamen, and Shanghai.

The delegates had the opportunity to interact with local Chinese citizens, scholars, professors, businessmen, and government officials. The students engaged in robust discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office for International Military Cooperation of Central Military Commission, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Fudan University’s and Xiamen University’s scholars and students. Furthermore, the students explored multiple historical and cultural attractions in China, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Gulangyu Island, the Shanghai Bund and Pearl T.V. Tower. 

This experience encouraged the participants to further develop their understanding and awareness of Chinese culture, history, and opportunities within China.